Applying for a grant

Click below to download a copy of our application form:

Application Form 36.0 KB (doc)

  • Tell us clearly and concisely why you need the money, who will benefit and how.
  • If the project will cost more than you are asking for, please tell us how you intend to raise the additional funds and also, if appropriate, how the project will be sustained in the long term.
  • Your completed application form and copy of your most recent audited accounts should be emailed to the Chairperson
  • AND a printed copy of the application and accounts should also be sent by post to the Secretary
  • If you would like to add more information to support your application, please keep it brief and relevant
  • Applications will be considered at the next meeting of the Trustees. These will normally be held in March, June or July and October. Applications should reach us by the middle of the month BEFORE our next meeting. Late applications will be held over until our next meeting.

Please note:

Preference is generally, but not exclusively, given to requests that may benefit the people of Exmouth, Exeter and Devon County. If your organisation is not based in Devon, please explain how the grant would benefit people from this area.

The Trust generally makes grants of amounts ranging from £100 to £5000.

Applications from individuals will not be considered nor do we consider requests by organisations on behalf of particular individuals. We will not commit to regular or further funding for organisation. Each application is considered as it is presented.

For further information or advice on applying please contact us directly:

  • David Lee, Secretary: 01395 277989
  • Rachael Jamieson, Chairperson: 01392 496874

Please EMAIL your application, accounts and any supporting material to Rachael Jamieson

AND SEND a postal version to David Lee
Jamieson-Bystock Trust
255 Exeter Road